Artizen 2

About Artizen2

Artizen2 was created by artisans who share their love of art in whatever form it may take.  Artists with a variety of styles and crafts join together in one community to showcase their talents.  The gallery is always open and we encourage you to support the arts and delight your special friends with creative and unique works of art

Featured Artisans

Susan Andresen is an emerging artist, studying with Linda Lloyd Pitts and Ma Ly for the past year.  

"My artistic journey is now a passion.  I completely fell in love with the creative process of watching colors and shapes take on a life of their own.  My art is simply whatever moves me in the moment whether landscape, fantasy or portraits.  I share this passion with you in the experience."
Jennifer Stewart McPhail is inspired by life's stories and nature's beauty.  

You are transported in to the world she creates.
Jewelry by L.  

Lois Count's handcrafted jewelry gives the shopper a rainbow of colors to choose from.  Some of her pieces come with detachable bracelets as part of the necklace for even more choices.